New york tries to ban paying bitcoin ransomware

New York Tries to Ban Paying Bitcoin Ransomware Attackers

New York state senators have drafted two bills this month that propose a ban on paying ransomware attackers with tax-payers money.  New York Refuses to Negotiate with Criminals In...

Ricardo Martinez | 10 months ago
bitcoin ransom

Bitcoin Ransom Worth $6 Million Demanded by Travelex Hackers

Attackers demanded a payment of $6 million worth of bitcoin after hacking Travelex, a foreign currency exchange company. It is the latest victim in an explosion of ransomware attacks...

Martin Young | 11 months ago
bitcoin ransom ring cameras
Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Ransom Demanded from Users of Ring Cameras

Reports emerged that hackers have demanded bitcoin as ransom from users of vulnerable cameras sold by Amazon and its subsidiary Ring.  Bitcoin is constantly being used as a means of...

Ali | 11 months ago

Hacker Who Targeted 300 Million iPhones Admits to Blackmailing Apple

Karem Albayrak, a self-proclaimed hacker who somehow got access to 300 million iPhones, pleaded guilty to blackmailing Apple. 150 Iphone Accounts Deleted Per Minute Back in March 2017...

Ali | 12 months ago
Argentinian government hit by bitcoin ransomware attack

Bitcoin Ransomware Attack Hits Argentinian Government

The Argentinian government has been hit with a Bitcoin ransomware attack. According to the latest information, the hacker demanded 50 BTC to withdraw the attack. For all the positive...

Ali | 12 months ago

Bitcoin Scammers Extort Bachelors With Blackmail — Over Non-Existent Wives

Residents of Washington D.C.’s upscale Chevy Chase neighborhood have been targeted by Bitcoin scammers claiming theyre poised to reveal “dark secrets” to the...

Danny Scopelliti | 2 years ago

Bitcoin Demanded for Safe Return of Beloved Dog

A scammer demanded $600 in Bitcoin for the safe return of a North Carolina woman’s dog, hours after the dog had already been found. Bitcoins and Basset Hounds Last weekend...

Matthew Hrones | 3 years ago

13-Year-Old Bitcoin Kidnapping Victim Found Safe

A young 13-old-year boy who had been kidnapped last Sunday in South Africa has been found safe and sound. His kidnappers had demanded a Bitcoin ransom of roughly $120,000. There is...

Jeff Francis | 3 years ago

Group of Hackers Are Holding Small Blockchains Hostage by 51% Attacking Them

Small blockchains/coins are being targeted by a novel 51% attack that is holding these fledgling cryptos infrastructures hostage. Also read: TAO Network Raises $100K for Music Industry...

Trevor Hill | 4 years ago

FBI Advises Victims Pay Ransom on Ransomware

Ransomware is becoming increasingly popular with hackers and cyber criminals. The ability to lock down an entire system and render it useless until a ransom has been met is quite...

Drew Cordell | 5 years ago

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