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Dash Adoption Grows in Venezuela Amidst Hyperinflation

Dash, the 14th-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is reportedly experiencing increased adoption in Venezuela via an increase in wallet downloads and merchant signups. This...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | Aug 23, 2018 | 18:00

New Venezuela Bolivar A ‘Scam On Top Of Another Scam,’...

The government of Venezuela pegging its national currency to cryptocurrency Petro and relaunching is a “bigger stunt” than 1920’s Germany during hyperinflation. Scam Me...

Wilma Woo | Aug 22, 2018 | 21:00

Venezuela’s Currency Devalued By 96% as Maduro Announces New...

On Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a new single exchange rate for the bolivar that’s pegged to the Petro virtual currency. Under the new guidelines, one Petro...

Kevin O’Brien | Aug 19, 2018 | 08:00

Venezuela: Inflation Tops 100,000 Percent, Bitcoin Costs 60M Bolivars

Venezuela’s currency the Bolivar Fuerte jumped to 9.2 million per dollar and almost 60 million per bitcoin August 18, just two days before a major redenomination cuts five zeros off...

Wilma Woo | Aug 18, 2018 | 21:00
Bitcoin Is a Safe-Haven Asset That Will Improve Finance, New Research Suggests

Bitcoin Is a Safe-Haven Asset That Will Improve Finance, New Research...

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the financial industry. Bitcoin is an efficient alternative in countries with unstable economies...

Julio Gil-Pulgar | Aug 11, 2018 | 00:00

Venezuela: The Price of Bitcoin is Now Doubling Every 18 Days

The price of Bitcoin in Venezuela is now doubling roughly every three weeks as hyperinflation continues to plague the country. At the same time, Bitcoin trading volumes keep hitting...

Georgi Georgiev | Aug 08, 2018 | 15:00
In July, Bitcoinist reported on Venezuelan Nicolás Maduro's efforts to see the Petro become his avowed 'Great Hope.'

Venezuela Ties Own Currency to Sanctioned Petro as Maduro Talks of...

Venezuela will remove five zeros from its ailing currency, the Bolivar, and peg it to its controversial Petro cryptocurrency, President Nicolas Maduro said in a public broadcast July...

Wilma Woo | Jul 28, 2018 | 04:00
Venezuela's Central Bank Unveils App To Help Citizens Convert New Crypto-Pegged ‘Sovereign Bolivar’
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Venezuelan Feeds Entire Community With Cryptocurrency Donation

A Venezuelan Reddit user who recently received a small donation of the cryptocurrency NANO wants to pay the generosity forward to others in need. More donations are streaming in to...

Kyle Baird | Jul 09, 2018 | 08:00
Cryptocurrency Miners Promise Economic Opportunity But Not Everyone Is So Optimistic

Cryptocurrency Miners Promise Economic Opportunity, But Not Everyone...

Driven by cheap electricity prices and the potential for profit, cryptocurrency miners have expanded their horizons and set up operations in smaller localities across the world. Some...

Kevin O’Brien | Jul 08, 2018 | 05:00
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Venezuela: Record Bitcoin Buying Spree Continues Amid Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation is rampant in Venezuela as bitcoin trading volume keeps hitting new records each week. Meanwhile, authorities are scratching their heads on how to rein in the...

Kevin O’Brien | Jun 21, 2018 | 20:00
eToro Exchange Clarify Position on Bitcoin2X and Bitcoin Gold

Think Long Term and Short

The crypto-community may have done a fair bit of Buffett-bashing and even a bit of Dimon-drubbing of late, but the fact remains that these two men are legends in the field of finance...

Mati Greenspan | Jun 08, 2018 | 11:00

India: No Plans to Use Venezuelan Petro to Pay for Crude Oil

India has no plans to use Venezuela’s cryptocurrency – the Petro – to pay for crude oil imports from the South American country. India is already a regular customer...

Nigel Gambanga | May 30, 2018 | 09:30

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