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Texas Bitcoin Conference: The Information Theory of Money


Texas Bitcoin Conference: The Information Theory of Money


The 2015 Texas Bitcoin Conference will showcase a keynote delivered by George Gilder, who will discuss themes from his upcoming book, Bitcoin & Gold: Information Theory of Money. The conference will take place March 27 through 29 at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin.

In his 17th book: Bitcoin & Gold: Information Theory of Money, Gilder advances his view of the existence of a disconnection between the needs of players in the global financial markets and the requirement for a stable economy to encourage innovation. He further asserts that capitalism is chiefly not an incentive system, but an information system. This is an extremely peculiar statement, coming from an economist, and we are looking forward to hear his explanation about that viewpoint. He also goes a step further by describing the role of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency approaches in future economic markets.

There will be other speakers at the Texas Bitcoin Conference, including:

  • Steven Stockman: a former U.S. Representative for Texas’s ninth congressional district, supporter of Bitcoin and author of proposed federal regulations to advance adoption of cryptocurrencies.
  • Sumabala P. Nair: an IBM business analyst and a leading member of IBM’s Project ADEPT, which is leveraging Blockchain technology for world-scale Internet-of-Things (IoT) architectures.

The Texas Bitcoin Conference will focus in on how Bitcoin 2.0 and the blockchain will impact tomorrow’s decentralized world of business and society. This will fit in the mantra of the Texas Bitcoin Conference, “changing the way we do everything”.

The Texas Bitcoin conference we notice a roster of experts working at the forefront of Bitcoin 2.0, blockchain and IoT technologies, including:

  • Anthony Di lorio: co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of Kryptokit.
  • Bruce Fenton: founder and managing director of Atlantic Financial and founder of the Bitcoin Association.
  • David A. Johnston: managing director of the Dapps Fund,
  • Paul Snow:  CEO of Factom and president of the Texas Bitcoin Association,
  • Steve Sprague: founder and CEO of Rivetz,
  • Shawn Wilkinson: founder and lead developer of the Storj Project.

The 2015 Texas Bitcoin Conference is going to be sponsored by some important businesses in the digital currency sector. For example, Cryptocurrency Partners, Dapps Fund, Factom, GoCoin, Lighthouse Partners, PeerTracks, Rivetz, Tally Capital and Transform Public Relations. Other support comes from the Digital Currency Council. Transportation will be professionally executed by Uber and Lyft.

There will be a second conference that will run parallel with the Texas Bitcoin Conference. The 2015 Hackathon will feature 100 developers working in teams over two days to build Bitcoin 2.0, blockchain, and IoT applications. This hackathon is being sponsored by the Dapps Fund and Rivetz. This means that the Dapps fund is once again providing $1 million in prizes for the winners and Rivetz is going to add powerful endpoint encryption to applications to the hackathon and the developed apps at the hackathon.

So what is the price of attending the conference? The conference registration will be $150 for a full pass. Discounts for students are also available and can be found at the Texas Bitcoin Conference website. The parallel running Hackathon registration is free. For more information, you can visit the aforementioned Texas Bitcoin conference, follow the conference on Twitter @TexasBitcoin (hashtag “#TexasBitcoinConference”) or on Facebook at

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