Reading: Today’s Top Dogs – 9/28


Today’s Top Dogs – 9/28


Today’s Top Dogs – 9/28

Today’s top dogs are an interesting bunch. With 14 out of the top 20 players all losing ground this week we find ourselves in somewhat uncharted territories.
By example, today’s top earner isn’t even a coin or a currency but rather a digital asset called Multigateway (MGW). A third party service developed on top of the NXT network that allows you to move cryptocurrencies in and out of the NXT Asset Exchange. Up 51% today it’s certainly managed to catch someones attention. With NXT clones now popping up in the market MGW may also soon discover new niches in which to prove useful.

Next on our list is SonicScrewdriver (SSD) a proof of work coin that has climbed 43.66% this week but for the life of me I cannot see why. While I always remain open to the possibility that I’m missing something SSD seems to offer little if any innovation at first glance. What’s worse is that the beginning of it’s PoW stage seems to have gotten off to a rocky start leaving me again pausing for concern and scratching my head over this one. I get that marketing value matters and Doctor Who has a rabid fan base but if someone can tell me what innovation SSD is bringing to the table I’ll gladly write about it in a later article.

1403643293-crypto-equity-raising-money03In third today we have everyone’s soon to be favorite crowd-funding platform Swarm. Up a decent 19.79% today it’s still down overall this week and trading on very little volume. So while I have high hopes for Swarm, the platform, as a short term hold it’s currently a bit underwhelming. We can expect that to change as soon as it starts launching new projects so if you are considering a long term hold, then the current price may be just right.

What is likely our overall winner this week takes the form of the even innocuous Pandacoin(PND). Up only 19% today but a substantial 69.36% this week it technically tops all other comers in terms of real growth and seems to be doing so by offering a very low barrier to entry. Between an eight Satoshi unit price and the ability to mine the coin in a browser Pandacoin may be carving out a very interesting little niche by focusing on ease of access. By also offering a fully  featured wallet app, an entire crypto crash course, zero setup mining, and a smart choice of mascot for the Asian markets Pandacoin at least warrants our careful attention.


Last but certainly not least on our list of Top Dog’s today we have SuperNET. Technically another digital asset, it’s managed to climb 26.46% this week, making it one of the hotter items in any category. While most people (myself included) still struggle to fully understand the scope and nature of SuperNET, like most of Jl777’s projects it is drawing water, whether we understand it or not. Proposed as a mutually beneficial network of coins that offer real innovation they will also somehow port the benefits of one currency over to all currencies in the SuperNetwork. While I am waiting with bated breath to see how such a system will work in practice in the meantime early investors can take solace in the fact that they’ve already made money.

supernet logoYou can expect a follow up article as I try to unravel the mysteries and measure the audacity of SuperNET. In the meantime, the markets are again proving to be ever changing. While the current overall slump has the more sheepish among us concerned for the future the truth is new players are emerging by the minute. While our current fleet of cryptocurrencies and digital assets may not survive the winter you can bet we’ll have even better ones waiting for us well before the first light of Spring.

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