Reading: TurboCharged – A new racer supporting GameCredits

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TurboCharged – A new racer supporting GameCredits

Norbert | Jul 14, 2015 | 05:36

Altcoin News

TurboCharged – A new racer supporting GameCredits

Norbert | Jul 14, 2015 | 05:36

Once in a while a great idea is born. However, an idea is not worth much without the diligence and hard work in making it happen. Through late night coffee, blood, sweat and tears, it is brought to light.

In the light, people see this new thing. Other men, like minded, join in the efforts. A newly formed game development studio flying a pale green flag might emerge…It says GameCredits, and waves proudly over its newest accomplishment.

Behold! TurboCharged!

TurboCharged is an action packed multiplayer competitive racing experience coming to all imaginable platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, as well as mobile phones with iOS and Android!


This game offers the perfect balance between an arcade game and a simulation to provide an enjoyable and challenging experience. It’s light and appealing graphics style with an action camera that puts you in the center of the thrills and chills. Add to this many appealing tracks and environments, Every curve will feel like a new adventure…

tb2 With a vast selection of cars to drive and upgrades to install, you’ll be on your way to the top of the leaderboard.

With exciting multiplayer functions, and a ghost race against the all-time best, it will immerse you like no other game. Using GameCredits, you can upgrade your vehicle, customizing it to be truly unique. You can also bet on the outcome of your race amongst your friends, rivals, and enemies.

And because it’s GameCredits, you can use them in the real world, or in other GameCredits powered games and applications!


What is GameCredits?



GameCredits are a digital currency developed specifically for use in games, but with utility outside of the gaming world as well. Using a technology called The BlockChain, a public ledger system, it is impossible to counterfeit these tokens, which gives them the ability to be used in multiple systems interchangeably, even as cash.

GameCredits are positioned to be the premier in-game currency for video games. Our program aims to have GameCredits in major platform games very soon. This presents an investment opportunity you do not want to miss. You can obtain GameCredits far below what their value will be in the near future at Poloniex exchange right now!

Your GameCredits can be used to purchase items in the game, bet against your fellow players, and even taken out of the game to buy a growing array of things in the real world. Unlike other games, this currency is used in the real world and is being adopted by more people every day. Even better, GameCredits are not specific to any one game. Any game powered by GameCredits can use the same GameCredits from one to another. Traded as conveniently as cash, and easily purchased right in the game launcher, GameCredits offers all the advantage you’ll need in your gaming experience!


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