SimpleFX Launches BETA Webtrader Platform

SimpleFX Partners with Unilink to Bring State-of-the-Art Affiliation...

Understanding the critical importance of proper networking, SimpleFX unveiled its new affiliation software. Partnering up with Unilink, the platform is to provide reliable, trackable, and entirely...

Georgi Georgiev | Jun 04, 2018 | 14:00

Monster Inc. Desperately Launching $300 Million ICO

Monster Inc, the company which notoriously lost out...

Matthew Hrones | Jun 04, 2018 | 05:00

Huobi vs. Binance: Who Will Invest More in Blockchain Start-ups?

As blockchain technology continues to gain mainstream...

Georgi Georgiev | Jun 04, 2018 | 02:00

Estcoin Backs Down as Banking Authorities Bully Estonia

The small Baltic nation of Estonia has backed down on...

Adam James | Jun 03, 2018 | 05:00

Non-Profit Befund Service Platform Attracts International Attention...

The Befund service platform has drawn a lot of...

Bitcoinist | Jun 01, 2018 | 11:00

“Get Serious About Investing” with eToro and Gael Monfils

Pro tennis player Gael Monfils is no stranger to...

Bitcoinist | May 30, 2018 | 04:30

Stablecoin Analysis: Panacea to Crypto Volatility or Disaster Waiting...

Volatility is ubiquitous in the world of...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | May 30, 2018 | 02:30

NAGA’s Ecosystem Makes Trading & Investing Accessible for...

NAGA’s extensive ecosystem provides a truly...

Bitcoinist | May 29, 2018 | 21:30

Virtuse Exchange Turning Gold into Blockchain

Throughout our history, some of the world’s greatest...

Georgi Georgiev | May 29, 2018 | 10:30
John McAfee

John McAfee Says There is a War on Cryptocurrencies

On the latest episode of “John McAfee Says,” the tech activist and internet security expert declared that there is an ongoing war against cryptocurrencies.  ‘It is, in fact...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | May 28, 2018 | 18:00

CoinPennant Crowdsale Puts Copy Trading on the Blockchain

Copy traders give permission for investment decisions made by a more knowledgeable trader to affect a portion of the funds in their own trading accounts. The startup CoinPennant plans...

Bitcoinist | May 27, 2018 | 10:00
Revolut Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash and Ripple

Revolut Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash and Ripple

Revolut, the London-based fintech firm, has added Bitcoin Cash and Ripple to its catalog of supported cryptocurrencies. Thus, customers will be able to buy the two added cryptos from...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | May 26, 2018 | 07:00
NAGA Coin (NGC) Now Listed on Bittrex

NAGA Coin (NGC) Now Listed on Bittrex

Earlier this week, NAGA Coin gained a prominent listing on the popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex. ‘Another Day, Another Exchange’ NAGA Coin (NGC) achieved new...

Bitcoinist | May 25, 2018 | 18:00

Circle Unveils New Product for Retail Cryptocurrency Investors

Cryptocurrency startup company, Circle, has unveiled a...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | May 24, 2018 | 15:00

TradingView is Booming But Crypto Offering is Still Lacking

TradingView still has flaws when it comes to the...

Kim Adsitt | May 24, 2018 | 07:00

3 Reasons Ivy Partnering with Talenta Is a Good Thing

Ivy recently announced a partnership with the Talenta...

Bitcoinist | May 23, 2018 | 22:00

Why Invest in Litecoin?

Litecoin, which began trading as a cryptocurrency in...

Bitcoinist | May 22, 2018 | 18:00

Blockchain on the Rise in 2018 Despite Crypto Price Decline

2017 was a stellar year for crypto prices and ICO...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | May 22, 2018 | 03:00

Parity Forced to Shut Down ICO Passport Service (PICOPS) Due to GDPR

Parity, the wallet and blockchain provider, is...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | May 21, 2018 | 03:00

BANKEX Smart Justice is Bringing Arbitration to Blockchain

The Smart Justice service is an innovative and...

Nikita Blows | May 21, 2018 | 01:00

The Crypto Compromise: Learning to Love the Corporate Culture

If crypto startups want to distinguish themselves...

Antonio Grumser | May 20, 2018 | 10:00
Tokenization of Shares - VC Firm Converts Company Stock to Cryptocurrency Token

Tokenization of Shares – VC Firm Converts Company Stock to...

Morgan Creek Blockchain Capital is taking tokenization to the next level. The VC firm is set to convert paper shares of a company into digital token assets. These assets will then be...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | May 20, 2018 | 06:00
Fearing Bitcoin, VISA and Mastercard Reclassify Crypto Purchases as 'Cash Advances'

Former Visa CEO Joins Cryptocurrency Startup Making Payment Cards

More and more top brass from traditional financial companies is joining cryptocurrency startups. The latest is an ex-CEO of Visa UK and Ireland. ‘SEAMLESS’ PAYMENTS The...

Dieter Holger | May 19, 2018 | 22:00

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