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Denver, Colorado to Hold Crypto Cannabis Conference


Denver, Colorado to Hold Crypto Cannabis Conference


Colorado, a US state known for its liberal regulation of cannabis, is now going to host the Crypto Cannabis Conference on October 24th & 25th, 2015. The organizers expect the attendance from the best minds in the cannabis industry who will discuss the pros and cons of Bitcoin for the cannabis industry.

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250px-Flag_of_Colorado.svgInviting the best minds in the Bitcoin world, Crypto Cannabis Conference organizers don’t charge any registration fees. People involved in the legal cannabis business have a lot of advantages if they use Bitcoin, and this conference explores those advantages. Similarly, the organizations dealing in Bitcoin and marijuana have something in common; for instance, both face rejection from banks, as banks think the companies are a source for money laundering.

Thus, cannabis and cryptocurrencies can help one another grow smoothly, provided there is some understanding among the stakeholders. The Crypto Cannabis Conference is a step forward towards the same goal, as the participants plan to discuss and debate the role Bitcoin can play in the larger interest of the cannabis industry. A number of cannabis sellers have started accepting Bitcoin payments, this helps both as buyers remain anonymous and the seller gets the business.

Confirmed Participants

Robert Stephan is the event founder & coordinator. He is Colorado’s Bitcoin Syndicate, has been working on crypto cannabis for more than two years, and is known for his support for crypto cannabis — as he aims to convert the entire legal cannabis industry to Bitcoin.

Caleb Chen (Panelist)

Caleb Chen is from Bitcoinist, is an industry veteran, and is currently enrolled for Msc in Digital Currency at University of Nicosia. Chen will share his views on crypto cannabis. Bitcoinist, the prime online destination for information about the Bitcoin and digital currency industry, also covers medical marijuana.

Tone Veys (Panelist)

Tone Veys has been working in Wall Street for a decade and more. Currently at Liberty Life Trails, he has a great experience doing Risk Analysis and Trading. He is a big believer in sound economics and an advocate for personal liberty, freedom, and privacy.

Roger Ver (Panelist)

Also known as Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver will be attending the conference via Google Hangout to share his views on the experience he has gained over the years in various Bitcoin-related projects.

Jerry David Chan (Panelist)

Chan is a Bitcoin consultant; like Ver, Chan too will attend the conference via Google Hangouts. Chan has 10 years of experience at Goldman Sachs trading technology, as well as three years at JPMorgan Chase, working on large scale derivative pricing systems for the foreign exchange desk.

Michael Dupree Jr.

Dupree will be the moderator at the event which, he will be doing via Google Hangouts. He works at Easybit, LLC, founded Denver Bitcoin Center, EasyBit (ATMs), and is an expert in robotic arbitrage and international banking.

Jana Weltzin, Attorney at Law at Rose Law Group

Weltzin will participate at the conference as a legal expert. Her experience as a lawyer for medical marijuana law in Arizona and recreational marijuana business law and regulation compliance in Alaska will enlighten the audience.

Some other participants are: Sebastian Nassau from Green Labs, and Dirk Lindley from Cannamour, LLC (Cannabis Infused Luxury Skin Care), Jason McFatridge (Cannabis Marketplace Consultant), Steve Woods (Developer on the VeriCoin team), Margarita Travino Waters (Owner Hemplements, LLC).

Why Colorado is the Ideal Location for Crypto Cannabis?

The state of Colorado has quite a liberal drug policy. Since the enactment of Colorado Amendment 64 in November 2012, adults aged 21 or older can grow up to six cannabis plants (with no more than half being mature flowering plants) privately in a locked space. They can legally possess all cannabis from the plants they grow as long as it stays where it was grown as well as legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis while traveling.

The state allows consumption in a manner similar to alcohol, with equivalent offenses proscribed for driving; however, consumption in public remains illegal. Cannabis can be gifted as well, as the government allows it for any citizen 21 years of age or older. The amendment 64 has provision for licensing of cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, testing facilities, and retail stores.

Though visitors and tourists in Colorado can use and purchase marijuana, they cannot take it out of the state, and it is prohibited at Denver International Airport.

Will you be attending the Crypto Cannabis Conference? Let us know in the comments below!

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