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Bitcoin Businesses

Exclusive Interview with Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Businesses

Exclusive Interview with Bitcoin Trader


Bitcoin Trader is the Brand name of Bitcoin Trader Holding Inc. Under the program Bitcoin Trader, Holding Inc. is providing its clients the opportunity to earn a substantial and sustainable passive income.Bitcoin-Trader_logo_Bitcoinist_review Last week Bitcoinist has posted a Review about the Bitcoin Trader Services, this week we give you an inside approach with Thomas Oppermman, the Public Relations Manager of Bitcoin-Trader.

I hear Bitcoin-Trader has opened last year, but already has a huge and growing number of customers; can you tell us a little bit about Bitcoin-Trader history and how the concept of your Platform was born?

Way back when Bitcoin first came into being, a man named John Carley started exploring this new phenomenon. Buying Bitcoins and mining equipment and finding out all he could about Crypto Currency, he soon fell in love with this new Revolution.
He increased his wealth and made a fortune from all his Bitcoin related dealings and found that Arbitrage trading (trading between the different markets) yielded the most profit and started concentrating on creating the most reliable and profitable Arbitrage System possible.
John, being a Crypto Fanatic felt the only way Crypto Currency (and specifically Bitcoin) would reach the full potential when many people came on board and that the best way to get people interested in and using Bitcoin was to start by giving them an opportunity to start earning Bitcoin in a dependable way.
That became the reason to start Bitcoin Trader. It is the most effective way to introduce people to Bitcoin and also the perfect vehicle for “ordinary” people to start profiting from the Bitcoin realm.

We hear Bitcoin Trader has a brilliant and professional Team. What can you tell us about the members of your Team?

The Bitcoin Trader team consists of John Carley, our MD and the Captain of our endeavors; Michael Brandenburg, the Manager of Advertising and new business and also the person who takes control of the technical team and helps sort out any difficulties; and me, Thomas Opperman, the PR manager and assistant to Michael.
We employ four full time traders, a part time system administrator who is monitoring and managing our servers, two support agents and a wonderful accountant that looks after our finances.

Bitcoin Trader offers two main optional services to their customers. The company depends on trading and mining as basis for the two main service options. Can you explain us more about the services you provide?

Bitcoi-Trader_3_Bitcoinist_reviewBitcoin Trader uses the volatility of Bitcoin to make a profit by buying and selling between the different exchanges. One of our two investment options is the Trading Pool, where invested funds are used to trade between the different exchanges. This makes for a very good ROI that is paid out and accessible daily. Unlike other investments where your money is locked in for long periods of time and your returns pay out when your initial investment period expires, Bitcoin Trader has an investment period of only 120 days and your profits are immediately available for reinvestment or to cash out. This makes your btc much more accessible to you.Bitcoi-Trader_4_Bitcoinist_interview
The Mining pool is a subject of hot controversy. Your investment is used to buy mining hardware and fixed for a period of 365 days. With the increasing difficulty rating, it has become more profitable to invest in our Trading Pool.

Bitcoin Trader has also implemented a strong membership program; can you explain us how it works and what are Bitcoin Trader funding methods?

Bitcoin Trader rewards word of mouth advertising with our strongly implemented Membership Program by paying 5 % commission on every investment and reinvestment a person makes that you have referred.
Bitcoin-Trader_logo_Bitcoinist_2_interviewOur funding methods are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, BTC-e codes, OKPay, Egopay, PexPay, Perfect Money and Payeer. Bank wire is an option for withdrawals with fees. There are no fees withdrawing to any of the other payment options.

Bitcoin Trader is really said to be a great option for secure bitcoin investments and with your growing numbers, we certainly can predict a bright future for your company! Can you please reveal us some of your Company’s future expectations and most important milestones to complete?

Bitcoin Trader is almost a year old, even by Bitcoin standards (which is also still in its infancy) still a young company. We have worked out issues and we have come to a plateau where things are relatively safe and stable. Our happy family is growing at quite an astounding rate, but our systems are more than capable of handling these numbers and loads more.Bitcoin-Trader_logo_Bitcoinist_3_interview All that we as Bitcoin Trader staff see as our most important task is not getting more exposure for growth purposes, but growing the trust we earn through time. In the next 5 years Bitcoin Trader will still be here doing what we are doing now and helping people achieve a sustainable, dependable residual income. We are as dependable as any Bank and we are set to prove this to the P2P “society” that has become the children of Crypto.

If you haven’t signed up yet, go ahead and open an account at Bitcoin Trader and start your own investment right now!

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