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ICST Puts Power Back Into the Hands of Artists with their Decentralised, Blockchain-based Content Sharing Platform


Bitcoinist | Jun 21, 2018 | 09:00

ICST Puts Power Back Into the Hands of Artists with their Decentralised, Blockchain-based Content Sharing Platform Press releases

ICST Puts Power Back Into the Hands of Artists with their Decentralised, Blockchain-based Content Sharing Platform


Bitcoinist | Jun 21, 2018 | 09:00


ICST are set to release their blockchain-based platform that enables artists around the globe to freely share and promote their content to the world.

June 15th, 2018, Singapore, Malaysia – The ICST project is ready to revolutionize the creative content industry by providing all the tools necessary for artists to be self-sufficient – allowing them to have control over their own work. Using the Ethereum network and smart contracts, artists are protected from harmful industry practices set to exploit creative content producers and dampen future development of the industry.

Power to Artists with ICST

Individual Content and Skills Token, or ICST for short, is a blockchain-powered protocol platform and token that has been created to improve creative content and skill sharing around the globe. The platform is an open and transparent ecosystem giving users and content creators the power to publish, promote and trade their content.

Content creators from various backgrounds will attain a level of control over their content that is not achievable in the current creation industry due to the traditional business model of consumer to business to consumer. The decentralized platform will allow for content creators to share their work without having to answer to anyone else, and creators will have control of the copyrights to their work and receive compensation for their true worth. The ecosystem is based on Ethereum and smart contract technology which aims to create a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment for everyone.

A universal and decentralized platform such as ICST will help reduce the costs that accompany content distribution and increase revenue for producers around the world by acting as a complex social media marketing model. An incentive program will be implemented to encourage individual contributors to help design and improve the goals of the platform. ICST acts as the solution to the issues that content producers face in the content creation industry by cutting out the middleman and giving power to the artists.

Uses and Applications of ICST

ICST plans on capitalizing on the new “C2B2C” (Consumer-Blockchain-Consumer) business model compared to the traditional “C2BC2C” (Consumer-Business-Consumer) which can increase the revenue of content creators by cutting out the middleman from the equation. ICST can help reduce transaction fees and improves customer experience through a built-in rating system making the platform accessible for users, and the model gives content producers more control over their work enabling them to publish, promote and share at their own tempo.

Fuelling the function of the platform as a whole is the ICST token, which is a utility token that is necessary for making transactions on the ICST platform. The ICST tokens are all pre-mined meaning that ICST tokens are ‘mined’ by those who provide computing resources, new services or ready to deploy applications to the platform. Content creators who share their work on the platform will receive tokens as a reward which in the future will be able to facilitate transactions on StarMaker’s decentralized platform.

Learn about ICST’s Upcoming Release

There will be 3 billion ICST in total being released by The People-Joy Foundation, with 900 million available in the private token sale. The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 40% will be used on the development of the ICST Blockchain.
  • 25% will be applied to Research and Development for expansion and migration for StarMaker to ICST.
  • 20% will be applied to Research and Development of the ICST platform
  • 10% of the funds will be applied to promoting the ICST protocol to applications on other platforms.

The initial release of the 3 billion ICST tokens will go as planned:

  1. The project plans to raise 30,000 ETH, where 10,000 of it will be raised from cornerstone investors. (1 ETH = 36,000 ICST).
  2. 3 billion tokens will be released.
  3. The initial release will contain 30% of ICST tokens

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Media Contact

Contact Name: Jarrett Love

Images courtesy of ICST

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