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MyCoinRealty: Sell houses for Bitcoin!


MyCoinRealty: Sell houses for Bitcoin!


For people looking to sell houses, and for Bitcoins as well, MyCoinRealty is probably your best (and only option) at looking to sell a house for Bitcoin. The process of putting up a house for sale is both simple and free:

Process of selling your home for Bitcoin

1. If you’d like to sell you home for Bitcoins just go to our contact page and provide your contact information, a description of your property, and attach some photos of your home.

2. Remember this is sales so don’t be shy! Make sure to tell us everything that’s so great about your property!

3. Next provides us with the price you would like to advertise your home for either in Bitcoins or in the currency of your country. We’ll take care of the rest!

When a buyer contacts us in regards to your property we will email you and put you in contact with them. You can then process the transaction your self digital wallet to digital wallet or we can assist you. It’s that simple!

Q&A Time!

1. What inspired you to create MyCoinRealty?

What inspired me to create MyCoinRealty was the culmination of 3 things:

-Bitcoin. For those that choose to look and see, they will discover that the way that businesses do transactions is changing. This is huge and cannot be understated. Just as the internet and brought about massive changes to the way we shop, as well as the way we transact business, crypto-currencies are creating the same massive, disruptive, and beneficial structural changes.

Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, in general, are creating immense economic growth and opportunities. Just as did, which I was around for as a trader, this period of time should be seen as no different other than I unequivocally state the opportunities presented today are of a much greater magnitude.

There will be winners and losers, just as in the era so exercise due diligence, and don’t get caught up in the hype. But don’t miss out on a great opportunity to get in either. Essentially, the ground floor of what will become giants of the industry in years to come.

At about the same time as my knowledge of Bitcoin was growing I also was just about to build a new house, and I thought to myself I will gain unprecedented marketing exposure if I offer my home up for sale for Bitcoin. I believe at the time another Canadian had offered his home up for sale for Bitcoin, and the penny, or should I say coin dropped, as I realized the free advertising I could garner. So I began researching Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, and that was when I came across Mastercoin, and the light came on.

2. What is MyCoinRealty?

Currently, MyCoinRealty is a portal that allows homeowners to post their properties, and get Bitcoin in return! All people need to do is send us images as well as a description of the property they would like to sell and they will be able to  post their property on our site free of charge!

Later once we have established ourselves in the market and are garnering enough business, as measured by views, then we will also offer an escrow service for a reasonable fee, but at the moment everything is for free, and to post one’s property for sale will always be free.

3. History of Development?

Well believe it or not I created this site back in January, but have been too immersed in other projects such as  GENERcoin and Arterran Renewables primarily and as the vital reduction of greenhouse gas is vastly more important than transacting realty, MyCoinRealty has not received the attention it deserves.

That being said, my lakeside property has just been completed, and thus it is time to not only begin marketing my property for sale for Bitcoin, but also to let the world know about MyCoinRealty.

4. Do you believe there is now a market for people looking to buy and sell houses for Bitcoins?

Yes most definitely. Not only has property sold for Bitcoin, but I would imagine there is not a thing left on Earth that one could not transact for Bitcoin. is a similar portal, not only advertising realty for sale in Bitcoin, but also other high end goods.

If you contact them they will have a good idea of just how many properties have been sold for Bitcoin. As stated earlier, the way we transact commerce is changing. Realty will be not different.

5. Current Status?

With this article MyCOINrealty is officially launched, and open for business! You are able to post your properties on our site free of charge, all we ask is that you provide photos as well a description of the property.

6. Future Development plans?

Future plans will be to shift from purely advertising for free, to offering full escrow service in the very near future, to transacting sales via the embedded data capabilities provided by Mastercoin. Stay tuned!

Photo Source: MyCoinRealty

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