bitcoin not currency then libra what
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Bitcoin Not a Currency According to Facebook’s Libra Lead

David Marcus, head of Facebook’s Libra project, doesn’t see Bitcoin as a form of currency, stating that it’s digital gold. Bitcoin Not a Medium of Exchange Marcus was...

Rebecca Campbell | 2 weeks ago
facebook libra payments license

Facebook Seeking Central Bank Boss to Manage Libra?

Facebook appears to be unfazed by the unrelenting criticism and pressure that is piling on to its crypto domination aspirations. As the US Treasury Secretary waded in with more...

Martin Young | 1 month ago
facebook libra is a shitcoin

Congressman Warren Davidson Suggests Libra is a Sh*tcoin

On Wednesday, Representative Warren Davidson suggested that Facebook Libra’s lack of decentralization placed it in the same category as other run of the mill sh*tcoins. Libra is Not...

Eustace Cryptus | 4 months ago
Facebook Libra US Senate Hearing

Overview: Facebook Libra Project US Senate Hearing

Earlier today Facebook Libra met with US Senators from the Senate Banking Committee. Here are a few highlights of note from the hearing. Facebook Libra Meets with Lawmakers Again Today...

Eustace Cryptus | 4 months ago
Facebook Interest in Blockchain Tech Gaining Momentum Amid David Marcus Coinbase Resignation

Facebook Interest in Blockchain Tech Gaining Momentum Amid David...

David Marcus of the Facebook blockchain research team announced today that he is removing himself from Coinbase’s board of directors. This is in order to avoid any conflict of...

Danny Scopelliti | 1 year ago
Experts Speculate How Facebook Is Exploring Blockchain

Experts Speculate How Facebook Is Exploring Blockchain

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica improperly acquiring the data of up to 87 million Facebook users, the social media giant is exploring how blockchain could decentralize its network...

Dieter Holger | 2 years ago
Crypto Malware Targets Facebook Messenger

Facebook Reportedly ‘Very Serious’ About Creating Its Own...

Facebook may be known in crypto circles for banning ICO ads, but a Facebook cryptocurrency may be coming sooner than you think. Inside Information Facebook may seriously be considering...

Adam James | 2 years ago

Facebook Creates Blockchain Research Group With Messenger, Instagram...

Facebook is dedicating the head of its Messenger app to launch a Blockchain research push as part of a senior staff reshuffle. ‘Starting From Scratch’ On Blockchain As...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago

Coinbase Welcomes David Marcus to Their Inner Circle

The crypto exchange has welcomed the Facebook Messenger boss to its board, which is another feather in the platform’s cap as they continue to benefit from the world’s growing...

Nikita Blows | 2 years ago

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