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Bad News For Ripple As Visa Enters Cross-Border Payments Market

Visa has launched a blockchain-based platform for cross-border payments between financial institutions. This sees it enter the increasingly crowded marketplace that Ripple has been...

Emilio Janus | 3 months ago

XRP Price Pumps As SWIFT Partners With Ripple Rival R3

The CEO of SWIFT revealed today that the institution is working on a proof-of-concept for integrating blockchain start-up’s R3 trade finance platform with SWIFT’s GPI...

Georgi Georgiev | 8 months ago
Iran Considers State-Issued Cryptocurrency Ahead of Imminent US Sanctions
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Iran Lifts Bitcoin Ban to Make Way For ‘Crypto-Rial’

Iran has lifted the ban on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as it takes another step towards its own sovereign cryptocurrency amid talks with foreign nations as potential partners. Iran...

Osato Avan-Nomayo | 8 months ago
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Iran May Unveil State-Backed Cryptocurrency This Week

Iran is reportedly expected to announce its state-backed digital currency at the annual Electronic Banking and Payment Systems Conference which starts on January 29th. The move is an...

Georgi Georgiev | 8 months ago
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The New World Reserve Currency Will Invariably Be Bitcoin, Says Max...

In his first New Year show, Max Keiser looks at what an increasingly de-globalized, de-dollarized world could mean for Bitcoin. Swift Decline For The Dollar One catalyst for the...

Emilio Janus | 9 months ago

SWIFT Kicks Out Iran – One Of The 3 Cheapest Countries To Mine...

The Society For Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has begun blocking access to international transfers for Iranian member banks as new US sanctions take effect. SWIFT...

Esther Kim | 10 months ago

Russia and Iran May Use Cryptocurrencies to Bypass International...

Politicians in Iran and Russia are discussing the possibility of using digital currencies to bypass sanctions.  Cryptocurrencies: A Tool for Bypassing Sanctions Decentralization is...

Ashour Iesho | 1 year ago
20% of College Students Admit Using Student Loan Money to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Certified German Bank Transfers Loans with Bitcoin, Subverts SWIFT

One online bank in Germany is now using bitcoins for loan transfers.  Subverting SWIFT Founded by German Radoslav Albrecht, Bitbond is an online bank which now affords its customers...

Adam James | 1 year ago
Russian Scientists in Top-Secret Warhead Facility Arrested for Mining Bitcoin

Russia May Use Ethereum Blockchain for Its ‘SWIFT’...

The central bank of Russia is preparing to transfer payments on SPFS, its domestic version of SWIFT, to the blockchain in 2019. Ethereum Or New Blockchain To Power Blockchain SWIFT As...

Wilma Woo | 1 year ago
3 problems with Ripple

3 Big Problems Ripple Investors Can No Longer Ignore

While Ripple is “not a bad investment” right now, major challenges exist when it comes to long-term prospects for its bank-oriented digital token (XRP), according to Weiss Ratings...

Allen Scott | 2 years ago
Ripple CEO

Ripple CEO Promotes Centralization, Puts Down SWIFT

Earlier this week, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke at Money 20/20 Asia’s “A New Payments System for the Digital Age” fireside chat, where he discussed his vision...

Adam James | 2 years ago

Global Banking System Under Threat As Hackers Crack NSA, SWIFT Again

Hacker group Shadow Brokers has allegedly proved that the US National Security Agency (NSA) hacked SWIFT international banking network. NSA ‘Documents And Files’ Show SWIFT...

Wilma Woo | 2 years ago

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