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Bitcoin Brasil 2014 Donation World Cup


Bitcoinist | May 06, 2014 | 07:05


Bitcoin Brasil 2014 Donation World Cup


Bitcoinist | May 06, 2014 | 07:05


What does bitcoin has to do with soccer?
Well, It will be involved in the 2014 World Cup in Brasil as a donation form!

This is how:
Through this Bitcoin community donation program, you can help the important work of charities, scanning the QR code from a Fan in Brazil 2014 and give to a soccer FAN the possibility to win a free meal!

Select a charity that you want to help and make your donation.

Things you have to know.
30 % of your donation goes to a FAN who is going to hold the QR code in brazil 2014, and 70% goes to a Charity.

To make things more clear we asked Alberto Vega the Regional Manager for Latin America at Bitpay to tell us more about this project he is involved in.

1.When and who had the idea to make this project happen?
This is a community driven, open source project, so no one can actually take credit for the idea, we are just people who work to make this a reality

2. Please explain how the system works, how is it possible to scan that QR code?
The system is pretty simple and open source -you can reach it out at github-, it is possible to scan thru the TV or youtube or in

3. For what is the 30% exactly for and how is that connected with the free meal?
The 30% is to encourage non-bitcoiners fans to show the QR poster and actually experience how easy it is to receive bitcoins from anywhere in the world. These fans will get a wallet that holds their donations, which they can use to buy with bitcoins at the restaurants that accept this payment method.

4.How many charities do you have so far as applicants?
Actually we have really few so far, but we expect to have hundreds.

5.How many donators has the project so far?
Also we are just starting, the system is not yet ready, developers are welcome to help us on github.

6.A lot of people wont make donations because they dont believe their money actually gets to the charity at the end. How do you prove to your donators that it will get to the given charity?
We have the “track donations” feature for the donator to track realtime their donations, this feature checks the blockchain for the wallet of the charity which shows if the money arrived or not. It is the most transparent way in the world!

7.How do the soccer federation and the organizers like this great idea?
This is a separate event to the soccer world cup and we are not afiliated in any way.

8. When will you start the campaign?
As soon as we finish the development, which is really ASAP!.

9. What are your expectations in terms of the raised amount of bitcoin?
We have no expectations, just work and more work to do! Please help us!

It seems like a really good idea that serves for two good reasons:
Help the charities and spread the word about bitcoin, don’t hesitate to get involved and donate!
Even small amounts can be really helpful for others.

For more information visit:

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