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Bitcoin Acceptance

Interview with Coinsetter Chief Executive Jaron Lukasiewicz

Bitcoin Acceptance

Interview with Coinsetter Chief Executive Jaron Lukasiewicz


Coinsetter is a New York City, venture capital financed bitcoin exchange that is dedicated to making bitcoin safe and reliable for active users. Recently the exchange introduced new features to its professional Platform.

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Operating since 2012, the company offers a transparent and institutional exchange with professional trading features and an easy to use platform.


Coinsetter, recently announced the release of what is, by far, the most highly requested feature in their history: margin trading and shorting of Bitcoin extended to all customers, with up to 5X leverage and interest-free margin and trading with margin by posting collateral of as low as 20% of the margin balance added to an account. This is outstanding news to active Bitcoin traders looking to maximize their profits as Greece, China, and other countries are in economic disarray.

To learn more about these new trading features and some more about the exchange, Bitcoinist had a small conversation with Jaron Lukasiewicz, the Chief Executive Officer of Coinsetter:

1) What is the Coinsetter Margin Trading program and how can traders can take advantage of these new features?

Coinsetter’s new margin trading capabilities allow traders of all types to access additional trading funds that they can use to execute larger bitcoin trades. All Coinsetter users can now add margin credits to their accounts in their Account Dashboard, allowing them to take better advantage of market movements.

2) What are your thoughts on how the price of Bitcoin has recently been affected by global economic news?

It has been exciting to see the bitcoin price become more active again recently. Global economic crises such as the one we’re seeing play out in Greece are a reminder of the value that assets not controlled by governments have.

3) Since your acquisition, Cavirtex has become again the largest Bitcoin exchange in Canada. What were the main reasons that led you to this acquisition and what are the goals you are looking to achieve at this point?

Cavirtex, and the Canadian bitcoin market, in general, is a big deal for us. I’m actually in Toronto as we speak. Our goal is to introduce additional liquidity to the CAD bitcoin market, as well as to provide an exchange with reliable banking that scales with the market.

4) Many Wall Street Companies are now looking to invest in the Blockchain technology. What are your considerations regarding this topic? Do you think it can have a negative impact over Bitcoin as a currency?

Wall Street firms are certainly interested in blockchain technology – although I feel they are still determining where it adds value. Increased understanding of blockchains will have a positive impact on bitcoin, as it will create comfort around it and prove that bitcoin is needed in some circumstances.Coinsetter_Q&A_Bitcoinist_photo1

5) Would you like to comment on future prospects and expectations for Coinsetter?

Coinsetter is approaching its 3-year anniversary. At this point, we have a solid understand of where bitcoin is heading and how we can add value to people in the ecosystem. I believe Coinsetter will increasingly be seen as a leader that introduces sophisticated new digital currency products beyond the industry’s current profile.

The company recently acquired CaVirtex and plans to lead the Canadian Bitcoin exchanges in the country. Coinsetter’s exchange offers deep liquidity and attractive pricing, low latency trade execution and enterprise Bitcoin security making it a leader in the industry.

Do you think these new features will attract Wall Street traders to the exchange? Let us know on the comments bellow!


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