Charlie Shrem Talks Bitcoin, Hodling, and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Winklevoss’ Gemini Dollar a ‘Solid’ Bridge That ‘Will Span...

Shortly after New York regulators gave the green light to Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’ stable coin, Charlie Shrem shares his two cents on the matter. He thinks the cryptocurrency...

Georgi Georgiev | 2 years ago
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BitClub Network Mines a Colossal Fee

On April 26th a transaction worth 316 Bitcoins processed across the blockchain but 291 BTC mistakenly went to the mining fee. The 136,000 dollar mistake found its way to the mining...

Jamie Redman | 5 years ago
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Coinsecure Announces New Head Of Global Business Development

Coinsecure one of the oldest established India-based Bitcoin businesses and is an algorithmic trading platform with a secure wallet. Founded by Benson Samuel in June of 2013 the...

Jamie Redman | 5 years ago

The Bitcoin Foundation Unveils 2016 Plan, Might Shut Down Instead

The Bitcoin Foundation has recently divulged its goals for 2016 amid controversy surrounding the organization. Also read: A Timeline of the Cryptsy Disappearance Mystery Is the Bitcoin...

Justin OConnell | 5 years ago

Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Bruce Fenton Outlines Plans for Improved Transparency at...

Article by Kyle Torpey The Bitcoin Foundation has been wrapped up in controversy throughout its entire existence, but the non-profit organization could turn a new leaf with the...

Scott Fargo | 6 years ago

Inside Bitcoins NYC Presenation Day 1 (morning till noon)

Bitcoin: The Final Piece of the Protocol Puzzle. Bitcoin is VoIP, Bitcoin is TCP/IP, Bitcoin is anything, and Bitcoin is everything. The second day of the Inside Bitcoins Conference in...

Sergio Schout | 6 years ago

Oliver Janssens and the Bitcoin Foundation’s Woes

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Bitcoin Foundation over the past few days, and all the facts are slowly coming into perspective. From the information I have...

Jp Buntinx | 6 years ago
Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg 2014

Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg 2014 Part 2

This article is the second part of our coverage of Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg, Russia. In the last article, we gave a general overview of the conference as well as a summary of...

Evan Faggart | 6 years ago

Smarter fees for Bitcoin Core V 0.1

Instead of being paying the same miner fee every time, the new Bitcoin wallet promises smart fees by examining how long transactions take to confirm, even sending them for free if it...

Nigel Dollentas | 7 years ago

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