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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Shows Off His (Casa) Bitcoin Full Node

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, took another step towards financial sovereignty yesterday when he tweeted about his new toy, a Casa Bitcoin full node. Mi Casa Es Su Casa The Casa Node is a...

Emilio Janus | Mar 02, 2019 | 07:00
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China Quietly Makes It Illegal to Run a Node Without Gov’t...

China has introduced new regulations intended to promote the ‘healthy development’ of blockchain technology. However, the new law also entitles the Cyberspace...

Georgi Georgiev | Jan 11, 2019 | 12:00

6 Reasons to Run a Bitcoin Full Node

Running a Bitcoin full node isn’t just for mining pools and companies. Today, we’re going to outline 6 reasons why the average user should also consider running their own...

Antonio Madeira | Mar 18, 2017 | 08:00
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PiDrive Turns Raspberry Pi Into A Perfect Bitcoin Node Solution

For those people who have always been interested in running a Bitcoin Node on their Raspberry Pi, Western Digital has taken notice of your comments and come up with a solution. Their...

Jp Buntinx | Mar 15, 2016 | 04:28
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BitBet Falls Victim To Strange Bitcoin Double-Spend Behavior

Double-spending in the Bitcoin world is becoming a very rare occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to pull off this type of attack. BitBet, an online gambling...

Jp Buntinx | Mar 02, 2016 | 03:38
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Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 Brings Lots of Improvements

With the Bitcoin block size debate in full effect to this very day, development of the Bitcoin protocol has to carry on regardless of political agendas. The Bitcoin Core developers...

Jp Buntinx | Feb 23, 2016 | 07:32
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NodeCounter Removes Duplicate Bitcoin Nodes From The Equation

Bitcoin nodes are an interesting trend to keep an eye on, as the digital currency’s network needs a lot of active nodes around the world to relay transactions. Up until this point...

Jp Buntinx | Feb 21, 2016 | 08:10
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Running A Bitcoin Node On Synology Disk Station Manager

There are plenty of opportunities for users looking to run a full Bitcoin Node. Technological advancements make even the tiniest of hardware powerful enough to read the entire...

Jp Buntinx | Feb 15, 2016 | 10:11
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Microsoft SIM Project Could Bring Thousands of Full Bitcoin Nodes To...

Bringing more devices online which run the Windows operating system opens up interesting opportunities for bringing additional Bitcoin Nodes to the network. Especially when that...

Jp Buntinx | Jan 08, 2016 | 10:54
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New BTCC Bitcoin Nodes Are Hosted on Amazon Web Services

Editor’s Note: In addition to Amazon Web Services, BTCC also hosts nodes using Alibaba Cloud Computing Services, and is testing deployment of nodes on Rackspace. People who have...

Jp Buntinx | Jan 07, 2016 | 04:01
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Solving The Bitcoin Block Size Debate With A Two-Pronged Proposal

As much as most people would like to think otherwise, the Bitcoin block size debate is far from over. Various new proposals have been suggested in the past, and another interesting...

Jp Buntinx | Dec 30, 2015 | 10:29

Raspberry Pi 2’s Touchscreen Lets Users Visually Monitor...

There are multiple ways for virtual currency enthusiasts to support the Bitcoin network. Not only can they spread the word about Bitcoin and try to “convert” as many people as...

Jp Buntinx | Sep 19, 2015 | 08:00

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