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Bitcoin Taxes: The Professionals, The Digital Currency Council


Drew Cordell | Apr 14, 2015 | 08:00

The Tax Man Cometh Bitcoin

Bitcoin Taxes: The Professionals, The Digital Currency Council


Drew Cordell | Apr 14, 2015 | 08:00


This week on the Bitcoin Taxes series, we will be discussing a quality service that connects professionals in the world of digital currency with clients that have specific needs. The Digital Currency Council (DCC), is a great organization for professionals looking to specialize in a certain area of digital currency and for clients that are seeking specific advice. While it’s probably too late for using the service for reporting this year’s taxable income and capital gains, the service is very important to talk about, as it is very useful for people looking to start new businesses, seek advice on how to integrate digital currency into their business, and stay on top of the many regulations required to operate within the United States. 

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I had a chance to talk with David Berger, CEO of the DCC about the company, the services offered, and what the DCC offers to both professionals and clients seeking advice:

 What is the Digital Currency Council?

24e48f21-fe45-422e-81cc-2791ed037d18The Digital Currency Council (DCC) is the leading association of professionals in the digital currency economy. The DCC’s mission is to support the development of best-in-class professional practices through training, certification and connectivity to peers and clients. Today the DCC membership includes 1500 professionals across 90 countries – a tremendous and very powerful network.

 What services do you offer at DCC?

Most of our members join the DCC to take advantage of our in-depth training curriculum, centered on the six core competencies of a digital currency professional.

Professionals often find themselves with a deep expertise in one or another area of the digital currency economy, but we can help round out their knowledge base so they can better serve their existing clients and attract new clients.

Others join to differentiate their professional profiles, by Sitting for the DCC certification exam and achieving the designation DCC Certified. Employers across the Bitcoin economy are looking for hires with an in-depth knowledge of these six core competencies, and the DCC Certification has become the most effective way to identify individuals with these qualifications.

Still others join for access to the network of DCC members across the globe. Today the 1500 members are sharing insights, referring business, and generally helping each other as peers in a fast growing marketplace. The camaraderie is great, but the impact this network is having on its members respective businesses is event greater.

 How does DCC help educate and connect people with professionals for the purpose of digital currency taxation?

In addition to our 7 hour certification course covering the six core competency areas above, we also offer short Explorer courses specifically designed for accountants, lawyers, and financial professionals as a free community resource. Your readers can access each of those free courses here:

Free Course on Bitcoin for Legal Professionals

Free Course on Bitcoin for Financial Professionals

Free Course on Bitcoin for Accounting Professionals

We also support education on digital currencies, including Bitcoin and the related technology through our continuing education program. We’ve been proud to work with some excellent providers of continuing education, including universities and corporate trainers, as well as events like InsideBitcoins, and online platforms like CoinAcademy.

 How can professionals get involved with DCC?

We welcome professionals with the drive and curiosity to build their own professional profile in the digital currency economy. Interested professionals can register on our website at

 What are your future plans for DCC?

We’re a relatively young platform that has grown very quickly, much like our peers in the digital currency economy. While some consider us the “CFA for Digital Currencies”, we aren’t bound by any bureaucracy or old rules. We’ll be nimble and responsive to our members’ demands. If something helps our members succeed, then we’ll consider it favorably.

Taxes and Bitcoin BitcoinistIf you haven’t filed your Bitcoin Taxes for this year yet, it is very important to do so before April 15th. Using Libratax is likely your best option. The free software they offer can calculate your capital gains and losses, as well as your total taxable Bitcoin income in a matter of minutes. In addition to the calculations, Libratax can generate detailed reports to help you save time on paperwork for a low fee (they accept BTC of course.) While April 15th is the biggest tax day for the United States, the Bitcoin taxes series will continue as there are still many important topics to cover. Daniel Winters will likely be back soon to talk about other important issues within the field of Bitcoin Taxes.

What do you think about the DCC? Comment below!

Images via DCC and Pixabay.

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